Modern Dentistry Enhances San Diego Smiles

3D dental imaging provides an extremely precise virtual picture of your teeth and all of the structures of the mouth. This clear roadmap helps your dentist determine how your teeth function in order to make a plan for individualized custom treatments. Patients benefit from knowing what treatment entails so they can make informed choices.

Cone beam imaging takes the best of old-school radiographic technology and combines it with modern software to create a virtual model of the mouth’s structures. Commonly used to identify proper positioning for dental implants and determining the cause of TMJ related pain, cone beam imaging helps in the development of a custom treatment plan.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology and incorporates 3D digital imaging, cone beam imaging, and patient exams to create ideal tooth-colored restorations to meet patient smile goals. These precise images are also used to develop a surgical guide for implant placement. Modern technology helps ensure your dental implant will have the highest success rate possible.

What Makes 3D Imaging So Great?

Traditional 2D dental X-rays do not render the full picture when it comes to the teeth and jaw. 3D models allow dentists and patients to see a clear picture of current oral health.
Use of 3D dental imaging in Carmel Valley helps your dentist:

  • Form an accurate treatment plan or surgical guide
  • Create 3D models from which crowns and veneers are milled
  • Reduce radiation exposure for patients and staff
  • View results on the computer screen right away
  • Catch dental issues sooner than with simple 2D X-rays.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Say goodbye to multiple dental appointments and laboratory wait time. Whether you are looking to restore a chipped tooth or replace missing teeth, 3D dental imaging and CAD/CAM technology team up with CEREC to meet your needs in-house in as little as one visit. Give us a call at Schaffer Dental Excellence to see how 3D dental imaging can improve your overall dental experience.

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