Alastin Skincare

The scientists at ALASTIN Skincare have developed a proprietary line of products scientifically proven and clinically-tested products that reinvigorate, protect, and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime! The ultimate regimen to keeping your skin looking young and radiant.

In human histological studies, ALASTIN Skincare products have shown enhancement in the deposition of both elastin and collagen and the initiation of extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling and recycling. No other skincare line has demonstrated such a significant level of enhancement in elastin production in the skin via biopsy. As a first-in-class system for procedural skin preparation, healing, and maintenance, ALASTIN Skincare offers a solution to healthcare providers wishing to deliver faster, better, longer-lasting results for their aesthetic patients while improving their procedural margins.

Good news…you don’t have to have a cosmetic procedure to be obsessed with this skin line! The brand’s proprietary TriHex Technology® combines a blend of peptides and key ingredients to nurture the health of the skin and support the production of elastin and collagen! Combine this product line with a beautiful bright radiant smile and you will look ageless!

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