Intra-Oral Cameras

Clear Views Of Your Smile Are In Reach

Advances in dental technology make it possible for us to fulfill our commitment to caring for the planet, one patient at a time. State-of-the-art 3D digital imaging allows us to capture images of your teeth that are superior to those captured with traditional x-rays and photographs. At our office in Carmel Valley, we use intra-oral cameras to help educate patients about their oral health and necessary treatments.

Intra-oral cameras provide a detailed visual representation of the teeth and gums. Small cameras about the size of a pen zoom in on areas that are difficult to see during standard mirrors exams. Full-color images at up to 25 times magnification are sent to a computer screen to be reviewed on the spot. We can identify many issues before they become larger problems. Cracks, chips, infection, and unusual wear patterns are obvious when viewed with this advanced technology.

Our patients feel more involved in their care when they see the areas that need work. Thanks to these images, patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment. Because of the precision of intra-oral cameras, you may save time and money by catching dental problems early.

Images can be captured as still digital images, full-color prints, or video. We save these images in your permanent dental records to help provide continuous care. This also makes it easier to supply specialists and insurance companies with the necessary detailed records. San Diego residents have access to top-notch digital imaging technology at Schaffer Dental Excellence. You’ll feel at ease with our top notch dental team and digital office, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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