Periodontal Laser Therapy


Revolutionary Treatment Battles Gum Disease

Have you avoided the dentist due to painful experiences in the past? Laser therapy may be just what the doctor ordered to ease you back into the dental chair.
Periodontal (gum) disease has met its match in our Carmel Valley office. Periodontal disease therapy has traditionally involved the manual scraping of tartar, plaque, and bacteria build-up from between the gums and teeth. Soft tissue laser therapy minimizes the discomfort associated with treating periodontal disease and promotes faster healing than traditional treatment methods.

How Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy Works

Our dental lasers are minimally invasive tools that effectively eliminate the need for many uncomfortable metal dental instruments. Our lasers pinpoint the location of dental calculus (tartar) beneath the gums. Precise targeting of plaque, tartar, and diseased tissue allows for the gentle removal or sterilization of problem areas while sparing healthy tissue. If infected tissue must be removed, the dental laser cauterizes the remaining healthy tissue to lessen bleeding and pain. Soft tissue laser therapy even reduces the risk of developing gum disease in the future by promoting the reattachment of gum and bone tissues with the teeth.

Versatility of Laser Therapy

Besides the ability to eliminate bacteria from gum tissue, laser therapy detects the extent of decay more accurately than many conventional dental tools. Dental lasers can even treat some dental caries without the use of a drill. Add to that the fact that many patients find relief from ulcers and lesions on the lips or gums with the help of soft tissue laser therapy and you get a glimpse of the versatility of dental lasers.

Additional Uses of Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of laser dentistry is the time you save during dental visits. Because of the precision of the instruments and expertise of the team at Schaffer Dental Excellence, you will likely require fewer visits than needed with traditional therapies.

Your Appointment with Schaffer Dental Excellence

As much as we would love to tell you that soft tissue laser therapy is right for everyone, we prefer transparency. Patients dealing with certain medical or health challenges may not be candidates for laser therapy. Dr. Schaffer will discuss your dental and medical history to determine which treatments will help you reach dental health goals most efficiently.