Same Day Smiles

Smile Makeovers in Just One Visit

We’re excited to bring state-of-the-art CEREC dentistry to Carmel Valley. Experience fast, efficient treatment with smile-changing results in just one day. CEREC technology eliminates the need for temporary crowns or veneers. When the milling is done in-house, there is no time spent waiting for the lab.

Precision Digital Mapping

The integration of Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing, or CAD/CAM, and CEREC technology means we are able to create a detailed 3D custom impression of your teeth without using bulky molds. What used to take several visits and wait times for materials to come back from the lab can now be done in one visit.

What Can I Expect From Same-day Smiles In Carmel Valley?

1. Professional Consultation

Our team is here to show you the possibilities available with CAD/CAM and CEREC technology. We’ll take a look at your dental history and current dental health as we discuss your smile goals. Give us a call so we can get started on your custom dental treatment plan.

2. 3d Dental Imaging

We are committed to helping the environment, one patient at a time. In-office CAD/CAM technology creates a 3D map of your teeth without the excessive exposure to radiation that occurs due to the number of traditional x-rays required for a similar 3D map. This also reduces our footprint by eliminating trips to and from the dental lab.

3. Custom Individualized Treatment Plan

No two smiles are alike, so we work together to create a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Tooth-colored restorations cover permanent discolorations, small gaps, and misshapen teeth. Chips and cracks are replaced with a porcelain crown or veneer made in-office for instant results.

4. Cerec Technology

Through patient-dentist collaboration, we will determine the best steps to take so you can reach your smile goals. CEREC technology provides patients with realistic new dental restorations in a single visit. This advanced technology mills your porcelain crown or veneer in-office. Dr. Schaffer then makes small adjustments, and the restorations are polished and prepared for placement.

5. The Art Of Final Placement

It takes an eye for cosmetic detail to perfect the placement of new dental crowns and veneers. These permanent tooth-colored restorations will last for many years with proper care, so precision is necessary with final placement.