Bruxism: Could You Be Harming Your Teeth While You Sleep?

June 13, 2020 / Schaffer Dental Excellence

Maybe you wake up with a strange sensation in your jaw, suffer frequent headaches, experience ear pain, or have a partner who complains about the grinding and popping sounds coming from your mouth throughout the night. These symptoms are likely being caused by a condition called sleep bruxism, which is marked by excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching during sleep.

How Stressing Less Could Save Your Teeth

December 24, 2019 / Schaffer Dental Excellence

Stress is abundant. Wracked with cluttered schedules, traffic jams, financial burdens, medical worries, and too many electronic screens, no one’s blaming anyone for feeling a bit stressed out.

We don’t want to add to your list of worries, but you might not realize that excessive stress could negatively impact your teeth.